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Packing 101

packing_250w.jpgI love travel!  Or, to rearticulate, I love arriving at my destination!  As we all know, the “travel” part can become a little daunting at times.  (I suppose the process of getting to and from could be considered it’s own venture…)  

Part of the travel routine is the advance preparation for the trip, affectionately referred to as PACKING.  I have a definite aversion for that exercise.  And yes, there is a definite art to it.  So, based on my experience, here are some easy ways to simplify the packing process to ensure that you are feeling organized & looking wrinkle-free on your next expedition.

I.  My packing method always begins with a freshly aired suitcase.  Pocket sachets are an easy way to maintain a pleasant scent. 

II. Next, I always travel with plastic bags of all sizes (namely GlamBags).  Plastic reduces friction (which causes wrinkling in the first place). I use GlamBags to stylishly stow apparel, cosmetics, toiletries, make-up brushes, lingerie, laundry, gadgets, & anything else imaginable.  There are several advantages to using plastic bags:

  1. If your make-up bag looks anything like mine after a few uses (i.e. scruffy, stained & discolored by liquids) then you will realize how appealing it is to have pristine plastic bags that can be discarded (& recycled) once they have acquired that war-torn facade.  Pulling out a fresh GlamBag is a “feel good” moment in my book.  I like to travel clean!
  2. Plastic bags help keep your clothing wrinkle-free, if you fold your clothing correctly.  See links below.
  3. GlamBags are perfect for laundry, wet swimsuits, sandy flip-flops...you get the idea.  They keep the odor, moisture & dirt sealed in, isolating them from other garments.  (Don’t forget to throw a few dryer sheets in to upgrade the air quality).
  4. I love the fact that I can arrange all of my possessions in various-size bags, & be totally organized.  If I need to jostle a few things around in my suitcase (or if my suitcase is inspected by the TSA), GlamBags can be easily pulled out without upsetting the apple cart.  Plus, since you can visually look into GlamBags, there is no need for a TSA inspector to manhandle your bras & panties.  GlamBags keep my trip very manageable.
  5. Plastic bags prevent BEDBUGS from moving into your clothes!  Seal those bags when at hotels.  Who needs unwanted houseguests that can live ONE YEAR without food? 

III.  Packing 101

T-Shirts, Blouses & Tops: 

After folding my clothes (go to sites below for instruction), I arrange many of my garments into small stacks and place them into plastic bags, to keep the wrinkles at bay.  (I have my best success folding jeans & pants and placing them on the bottom of my suitcase, sans plastic bag).  Make sure to press the air out of each plastic bag before sealing!

Coats & Jackets:

I layer a few of my jackets on top of each other, fold the arms inward, & place them in a large plastic bag (you can use a dry cleaning bag for this).  I keep these garments on a hanger if my bag is large enough to accommodate.  Then I either fold or roll the jackets (depending on the actual travel bag).  Again, press the air out of the plastic bag!

For more information on how-to-fold and other revelations, go to:

Following these tips will reward you with a wrinkle-free trip.  After all, who wants to spend their holiday hanging at the ironing board, or waiting for room service to appear? 

BTW, we welcome any travel and packing tips that you care to share!

E-mail your travel insights to: kiki@kikic.com


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